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I started writing my original WordPress blog in March 2009.

Throughout my life I've found writing very cathartic but what started out as cheap form of psychotherapy soon metamorphosed into life form of its own which eventually reached the classical music No 5 slot on the Wikio ranking just over a year after penning my very first article.

Just like me, the blog is always in a state of evolution so you might like to consider subscribing to the updates, either by RSS feed or by email subscription. The link buttons are located in the side bar on the right.

June 2010 heralded the publication of this portfolio site and it seemed to make sense to migrate all the original posts to what I jokingly call MDH HQ!

That summer, thanks to the generous contributions of guest writers, I had the chance to take a step back and seriously consider the future direction of this blog, my writing and ongoing internet plans in relation to the developments in my music career as a whole.

Setting off on a long journey with a road map and well researched itinerary is sound practice but don't forget that along the way there will be occasions when you are confronted with a brand new motorway (freeway).

The result was that I came to the decision that this blog should go back to its personal roots.

Insights which spring from what's going on in my life and my music career will continue to live here.

Articles from the monthly archives which were of more general classical music interest I removed, returned to the subject matter afresh and rewrote from scratch.

These new versions and additional material appear on my other site Zero 2 Maestro which originally launched as a joint effort with Inspiring Ventures in April 2011 and focuses on unconventional success strategies for classical musicians.

Do feel free to refer to or share any of the posts you find interesting and/or useful. All I ask is an attribution and link back to the site. Thank you.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on pages and posts around the site. If you choose to use them, any proceeds will be used to help pay towards the annual running costs of keeping Marion Harrington Clarinet on-line.

This is really appreciated and doesn't cost you any extra. On the other hand, should you prefer to go direct to a company to check them out, that's ok too.

  1. Jessica says:

    That’s amazing that it rose so fast and you’re all famous and all! I’m going to have to rummage more, to find those re-jigged posts

    • Mazza says:

      I certainly wouldn’t call myself famous, that’s for sure – lol! And really, it’s only because I’ve been supported by so many generous people – in gesture as well as financially from time to time – that I’ve managed to do anything at all. Even so, it’s never plain sailing and there’s always challenges that pop up.

      I think that the key to ploughing on is to be very clear where you going and be prepared to tweak the trajectory when needs dictate.

      Have a dig round the early posts from 2009/2010 – there are quite a few there that I think will amuse you! Pity all the pics disappeared – there were some good ones – but never mind, at least the text remained thank goodness.