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    Clarinet Notes From France (CD & MP3) May 2010

    Why You Should Consider Buying This Album

    • You’ll be making a tangible contribution to my work – helping support my development as a clarinettist the second time around. I personally paid for production costs so 100% of the retail price goes direct to me – no middle men!
    • Your purchase will encourage other musicians who think they’re not “good enough” – or believe that they need to spend a lot of money on the recording process – to get out of the practice room and share their unique style of music making by self-producing an album without the fear of ridicule
    • You’ll be supporting the concept of more “authentic” recordings i.e., audio that reflects a live performance as opposed to an over-edited, audio “airbrushed” and technically perfect but bland standardised reproduction
    • You will own one copy of a very limited public release. It’s my intention to re-record in a few years which will be much more of a legacy production at which point this original will be withdrawn

    The Making Of Clarinet Notes From France

    • It was recorded “on location” – a small cottage situated in the heart of the southern Spanish countryside complete with natural sound effects – barking dogs and quacking ducks for example! – which have been digitally preserved intact with the view they added to the rural French feel to the music
    • The entire 62:46 minutes was recorded over just 2 sessions and mastered in a day with me overseeing the process. In this way, over-editing was avoided and the atmosphere of a live performance retained. As a result, the listener may hear the odd technical blemish just as if they were in a concert hall.
    • The scheduled sessions in January of 2010 had to be abandoned as my pianist's house had been cut off by flooding!

    Clarinet Notes From Brahms

    Recording and release to be scheduled.

    Clarinet Notes From Britain

    Recording and release to be scheduled.

    Camille Saint-Saens

    Sonata (1921)

    Claude Debussy

    Premiere Rhapsodie (1910)

    Darius Milhaud

    Duo Concertant (1956)

    Gabriel Pierne

    Canzonetta (1890)

    Andre Messager

    Solo de Concours (1899)

    Clarinet Notes From France

    David H Thomas - Principal Clarinettist with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra

    This representation of a meagre year's work starting from scratch is filled with impressive promise, while also demonstrating the value of spirit and soulfulness in any performance. Even performances of great players may occasionally lack substance in expressing the very heart of the music. Not Marion. She aimed for the correct target and hit the bulls eye.

    Particularly enticing are the Lento movement from the Saint-Saens Sonata, the Romanza of the Poulenc Sonata and the Debussy Rhapsodie. Her breath control is quite fabulous!

    Any student of music can learn a lot from Marion's example. Courage and a vivid vision are really the only tools one needs to overcome limited experience.

    Bryan Apper - Composer and former Music Editor in Fresno, CA

    You are such a remarkable talent and your playing has brought such great joy to me. The CD really captures the excitement of a live performance. I can assure you that you already stand out as a beacon of hope in a world that has lost its way.

    Adam Berkowitz - Clarinet Teacher and Performer in Hartford, CT

    (A real) delight to listen to. The whole thing was recorded over just two sessions and what comes across is a sense of immediacy that we don't often get to hear anymore.

    It's wonderful to hear great ensemble work between clarinet and piano. (The) sense of pulse flows easily and beautifully.

    The opening of the Saint-Saens never devolves into stagnation, a fault all too common in this seemingly simple music. Check out the Debussy and the characteristic clarinet flourishes come off with a liquid feel that's so easy to enjoy and so difficult to execute. Even so, they glide right into the piano's lines.

    (In) the Messager Solo de Concours finale we can experience the full effect of careful and well thought out pacing. Rather than blast through the notes, Marion pulls and pushes the time to give a rendition full of humor and style.

    With repeated listening there is a lot to learn from this recording about how to make good musical decisions.

    John Rush - Principal Flutist with the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra

    I really love your CD. Great job!