About Certification Mastermind, and the Man behind it!

I don’t have a great memory, I can be quite lazy if i’m not careful, I’ve been into videogames my whole life, and i’ve been diagnosed with ADD.  Despite all that i’ve passed 11 Certification Exams over the years.  I’ve gone to college and got an associates degree in Information Technology: Network Technology.  Went to work full time, got a great girlfriend, and went back to school years later and got my BS in Information and Business Technology.  And I graduated with a 4.0, both times.   Just a few months ago I took and passed the CompTIA Security+ certification exam for work.

All my life people have asked me how I do it, and if I could help them study and what study material I’ve used.  This site is my way to help them, and all other IT professionals, current or aspiring, make the process of getting ready for a certification exam more approachable and very passable!!

More to come soon!